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PR Portfolio

This folder contains examples of my work.

Summer PR 2.0 Internship with Hai Media Group (2009)

I have gained a practical knowledge of the PR Industry with the Hai Media Group (HMG). It is a London based multimedia communications company offering PR 2.0 counsel, and campaign outreach, combined with traditional public relations. Their clients include leaders in new technology, green business, arts and entertainment.

I assisted with an American client – EcoSMART – producer of eco-friendly pesticides.  I was lucky to be involved in all aspects of the campaign process, from the research to final evaluation.

I started off by doing a wide research of the blogosphere. I was asked to find the relevant and most influential online bloggers and journalist using the,, etc. In order to do so, I used the, websites. Then I had to create a comprehensive database that was then shared via Google Documents with my boss and one other colleague. The database had several sub-segments – DIY, lifestyle, dogs, gardening, etc. Each of the blogs had information on the page ranking and traffic information ( and as well as the contact details.

After this initial research I proceeded to conducting an actual outreach on EcoSMART’s behalf to the bloggers from the DIY/Lawn care/Gardening/Green Lifestyle segments. I was given the responsibility to pitch, and follow up on the newly established relationships to secure placements for the client. This involved adjusting the general pitch to serve the need of ‘my’ bloggers and following up on the conversation to secure cuttings.

Once the press release was created, I used the to post the press release for the use of social media.

Meanwhile, I worked on creating a comprehensive social media presence for EcoSMART too:

– Twitter account (@Get EcoSMART)

– Facebook fan page (EcoSMART)

– Flickr!( EcoSMART)

Furthermore, I helped to build a more comprehensive social media presence for Hai Media Group:

– Facebook Fan Page (Hai Media Group) – writing up a copy, uploading pictures, posting links to relevant YouTube videos, audioBOOs and blog posts.

I’ve learned valuable practical skills of a PR practitioner: research and database creation, improved my communication and writing skills, attention to detail, and I know how to maintain relationships with bloggers.  Now I know how to prioritise my tasks to deliver exceptional work and how to motivate myself to do so.

Client: EcoSMART


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