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About Me

I’m a PR and Social Media fan who is passionate about delivering a great job that has the ability to stand out. I grew-up in a small town in the North part of the Czech Republic. My drive for education took me to the capital, Prague, and later to the UK. I’ve been living in the UK for nearly five years now and even though it was a hard decision to leave my home country, I don’t regret it.

Having lived in the UK as a foreigner and been forced to adjust to the new environment, I have developed an ability to talk to and to get along with just about anyone. Being a University student has helped me to learn new skills in team working. I can make decision, motivate, listen and be a professional team member.

As a member of Gen-Y I have great technological skills. I am always connected! I have subscribed to RSS feeds from UK news channels and I am following some of the most influential PR blogs (Brian Solis and Richard Bailey’s PR Studies ). I have set up my own blog (Katerina’s PR Page), started tweeting on Twitter (@Kat4PR ) and became a member of PROpenMic. I keep in touch with my friends via Facebook and I have a LinkedIn profile for professional networking. Internet also helps me when compiling research for my assignments.

Despite always feeling the need to be connected, I value genuine communication in the ‘real’ world. I truly believe that people can meet online but it takes more than that to create a strong relationship.

If anyone asked me: ‘What do you think that PR is?’ I would say, for me PR is about building and maintaining great relationships and not just about writing press releases and sending out pitches. Creativity and will to capture someone’s attention is the key.


PR 2.0, Social Media, Event Management, PR Strategy and Marketing Communications.

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  1. March 11, 2011 3:03 pm

    That was quite possibly one of the most inspiring and intelligently and lucidly written blog biographies I have ever read. I’m delighted to have stumbled across your blog, and I wish you every success in the future! With an attitude such as yours, you could not possibly fail to succeed.


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